How did this all start?

Over the last few years the World has started to wake up to the fact that everything we buy has an impact on the planet. Every year millions of tons of plastic is buried in landfill sites or ends up in the oceans which has a horrible effect on us and the wildlife we share the planet with. Since becoming aware of this issue we’ve been on a mission to try to live in an environmentally conscious way. Looking where products are made, what they are made from, how they are packaged and what happens to the packaging after we are done with it are all things we started to become aware of.

It started with small changes, as most things do. I transitioned into veganism and started to change the products I used to ones that didn’t test on, or use any animal products. Then I became more aware of the chemicals I’d been unknowingly using on my skin. With the skin being the largest organ of the body I realised the consequences of everything I was absorbing. Then it was the environmental impact of the things we purchase. You only have to look at your weekly supermarket shop to realise how much unnecessary plastic packaging is used and then you realise how much ends up polluting our planet. Once we realised the sorry state of affairs we had gotten ourselves into we decided it was time to make a change, a change that we are hoping to drag you along with as well.

What is our mission?

Over the last year or so the amount of ethical products in the marketplace has exploded. But ethical doesn’t always mean what it sounds like. We have seen many plastic ‘ethical’ products, many ‘ethical’ products that contain animal derivatives and many products claiming to be something they’re simply not. The other thing we noticed was the price!¬†Ethical products do cost more than the standard alternatives and we know this probably puts a lot of people off so we do everything we can to keep the prices as low as possible. I know many companies claim this but we really do all we can to offer the products at the lowest possible price.¬†We constantly check our prices to ensure they are among, if not the cheapest in the UK and are always looking for innovative products to add to our collection.

So to summarise our mission is:

  • To provide a wide range of unpackaged food
  • To offer a cleaning products refill station eliminating the need to buy new bottles
  • To offer a wide range of plastic free alternatives to everyday products
  • To ensure everything in our shop and on our website is vegan friendly and cruelty free
  • To ensure our prices are as low as possible
  • To always offer advice and help to anyone who needs it
  • To promote an environmentally friendly, plastic free lifestyle