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Price List November 2019
ProductPrice Per 100g
Porridge Oats£0.15
Jumbo Oats£0.15
Jumbo Oats (Organic)£0.23
Bran Flakes£0.57
Arborio Rice£0.36
Basmati Brown£0.28
Basmati White£0.28
Black Rice£0.65
Basmati White (Organic)£0.38
Brown Long Grain Rice£0.19
Brown Long Grain Rice (Organic)£0.28
Jasmine Rice (Organic)£0.45
Bulgar Wheat£0.28
Cous Cous£0.18
Cous Cous Wholemeal£0.24
Pearl Barley£0.21
Popping Corn£0.25
Quinoa Red£0.60
Quinoa White£0.55
Quinoa Wholegrain£0.67
SOS Mix£1.40
TVP Mince£0.58
Vital Wheat Gluten£0.49
Farfalle Bows£0.20
Fusili White£0.18
 Fusili Wholewheat£0.20
Gluten Free Pasta£0.65
Penne Pasta White£0.18
Penne Pasta Wholewheat£0.20
Penne Pasta Wholewheat (Organic)£0.28
Spahetti White£0.17
Spaghetti Wholewheat£0.19
Aduki Beans£0.42
Black Badger Carlin Peas£0.29
Black Turtle Beans£0.35
Butter Beans (Organic)£0.46
Chickpeas (Organic)£0.31
Haricot Beans (Organic)£0.29
Lentils – Green£0.27
Lentils – Split Red£0.19
Lentils – Puy/Speckled£0.25
Marrowfat Peas£0.23
Red Kidney Beans (Organic)£0.37
Soya Beans£0.30
Split Fava Beans£0.20
Split Peas – Green£0.20
Split Peas – Yellow£0.20
Chia (Organic)£0.80
Flax Seed – Brown£0.40
Flax Seed – Golden£0.50
Hemp (Organic)£0.65
Poppy Seeds£1.20
Pumpkin (Organic)£0.80
Sesame (Organic)£0.70
Arrowfoot10p per 10g
Black Peppercorns16p per 10g
Cajun Spice12p per 10g
Cayenne Pepper15p per 10g
Cinnamon14p per 10g
Chilli Flakes19p per 10g
Chilli Powder10p per 10g
Coriander19p per 10g
Coriander Seeds14p per 10g
Cumin Powder19p per 10g
Cumin Seeds19p per 10g
Curry Powder11p per 100g
Garam Masala13p per 10g
Garlic Powder15p per 10g
Ginger – Ground18p per 10g
Mixed Spices22p per 10g
Mustard Seeds Brown13p per 10g
Mustard Seeds Yellow12p per 10g
Nutmeg18p per 10g
Paprika14p per 10g
Smoked Paprika18p per 10g
Seasalt Fine4p per 10g
Seasalt Coarse4p per 10g
Turmeric14p per 10g
Basil15p per 10g
Bay Leaves26p per 10g
Marjoram13p per 10g
Mixed Herbs17p per 10g
Oregano18p per 10g
Parsley20p per 10g
Rosemary10p per 10g
Sage18p per 10g
Thyme14p per 10g
Almonds – Flaked£1.17
Almonds – Ground£1.15
Brazil Nuts£1.23
Hazelnuts (Organic)£1.30
Mixed Nuts£1.19
Pecan Halves£2.00
Pine Nuts£3.95
Pistachio Kernals£2.70
Walnuts – Halves£1.19
Dried Fruits 
Banana Chips£0.52
Dates – Chopped£0.39
Dates – Pitted£0.39
Desiccated Coconut£0.58
Figs (Organic)£0.90
Prunes – Pitted£0.45
Sultanas (Organic)£0.40
Liquid Refills 
All Purpose Cleaner£0.20
Bath Soak£0.35
Bicarbonate Of Soda (For Cleaning)£0.15
Body Wash£0.50
Body Wash – Faith In Nature£1.10
Citric Acid£0.45
Cream Cleaner£0.30
Dishwasher Rinse Aid£0.20
Epsom Salts£0.25
Fabric Conditioner£0.21
Glass Cleaner£0.16
Hand Soap£0.35
Laundry Liquid – Bio£0.31
Laundry Liquid – Non Bio£0.26
Suma Shampoo£0.50
Suma Conditioner£0.50
Toilet Cleaner£0.25
Washing Up Liquid – Unscented£0.20
Washing Up Liquid – Spiced Ginger£0.20
White Vinegar£0.10
Dishwasher Tablets – Ecoleaf x25£5.29
Oils – Yare Valley 
Original Rapeseed£0.40
Garlic & Rosemary£0.70
Chilli & Black Pepper Oil£0.70
Apple Cider Vinegar£0.29
Balsamic Vinegar£0.60
Malt Vinegar£0.17
Red Wine Vinegar£0.25
White Wine Vinegar£0.25
Baking Products 
Baking Powder£0.35
Caster Sugar£0.16
Bicarbonate Of Soda£0.36
Bouillon £0.98
Corn Flour£0.59
Cocoa Powder (Organic)£1.09
Coconut Flour (Organic)£0.45
Coconut Sugar (Organic)£0.95
Demerara Sugar`£0.39
Gram Flour£0.40
Nutritional Yeast£2.69
Plain White Flour (Organic)£0.16
Self Raising White Flour (Organic)£0.16
Soft Light Brown Sugar£0.45
Strong Wholemeal Flour£0.19
Strong White Flour£0.23
Ready To Eat Food 
Fudge – All Varieties£2.65
Gianduja Hazelnut Chocolate Buttons£1.99
Pick ‘n’ Mix£0.99
Hodemedod’s Fava Beans – Salted£0.60
Hodemedod’s Fava Beans – Salt & Vinegar£0.65
Hodmedod’s Fava Beans – Chilli & Lime£0.70
Hodemedod’s Roasted Green Peas – Salted£0.60
Hodmedod’s Green Peas – Paprika£0.70
Earl Grey Tea£5.00
Tea Buoy Tea£4.50
Propertea Tea£4.50
Chamomile Tea£4.50
Chai Tea£4.50
Mintea Tea£4.50
Broadland Coffee£1.60
Brazil Coffee£1.50
Colombian Coffee£2.10
Ethiopia Coffee£2.10
Decaf Coffee£2.10