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How We Run An Eco-friendly Business

The environment and our impact on it was a core factor when setting up this business. We wanted to offer environmentally friendly alternatives to every day products that were vegan, and had as little effect on our planet as possible. There was a number of considerations that we worked through to achieve our goals. Below we have listed 4 of the ways we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible.


1. We use an Eco friendly web host

During the early stages of planning the business most of our time went into sourcing products and establishing exactly what we wanted to achieve. It wasn’t until we came to designing the website that we even considered who we might use to host our site. After looking through many companies we realised none really fitted with our ethos and values so we went looking further to find a more suitable match. It was then we came across a company called Eco Hosting. They offer carbon neutral web hosting based entirely in the UK and are powered by renewable energy! A perfect match and they are very competitively priced. They support tree planting as well as other environmental causes. We have had a great relationship with them and feel happy that our website is being hosted by such a great, caring company. If you would like more information check them out at www.ecohosting.co.uk


2. We only sell plastic free products

When we first started our business we initially sold products that came in plastic bottles and plastic packaging. All the products were vegan and ‘Eco’ but it soon became obvious that this wasn’t enough. Plastic is becoming more and more of a issue  everyday. As we transitioned into a more plastic free lifestyle ourselves we decided that we didn’t want to be part of the problem anymore. It was then we made the decision to become a plastic free shop. We phased out products that used plastic and replaced them with plastic free alternatives. The feedback has been unanimously positive and we are always looking to expand our range of plastic free products.


3. We promise plastic free packaging

So often deliveries are packaged in oversized boxes and stuffed with all manner of plastic fillers. These inevitably end up in the bin and eventually in landfill. It’s frustrating and such a waste! We promise that all our deliveries will arrive to you free of any plastic and using recycled or reused boxes. We use paper packing tape to seal the boxes and a wide variety of plastic free fillers to ensure your items arrive to you in perfect condition. Read More Here.


4. We use companies with similar values to ours.

When sourcing products we look for companies that work to similar standards to ours. Plastic free packaging is highly advantageous as is the methods they use to create their products. We also look at the materials used to create them. Most of the companies we deal with send our products in plastic free packaging and we are in contact with the others about making this a possibility. One of our favourite companies we use, Zero Waste Path Shop make their products using only renewable energy and this is something we hope to see more in the future.


As our business grows we will continue to be open to ways we can further improve our environmental impact. We already have a long list of ways we wish to improve.  This includes carbon neutral deliveries and encouraging our suppliers to go plastic free and these are ideas that we can hopefully bring in over the coming months. If you have any ideas/thoughts on the subject please let us know and we will look into every suggestion.

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