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All Purpose Cleaner Pod – Lavender Wave


  • Biodegradable
  • Plant based
  • Re use your old bottles
  • Lab tested, efficacy proven


Eco-friendly and plant-based, the Lavender Multi-Purpose EcoDrop™ works as well in the bathroom as it does in the living room. Your go-to Multi-Purpose cleaning spray for the daily spruce up that leaves a fresh and fruity fragrance drifting through your home. The Ocean saver multi-purpose cleaning drop was formulated with a neutral pH to make certain it’s better for your household items.


How it works

Using the Ocean Drops couldn’t be easier. You can become an Oceansaver in just three steps. Just drop, shake and clean! Place one Ocean Drop into a clean 750ml bottle and fill to the top with water. Screw the spray-top firmly and shake! Now you’re ready to go. Home clean & Ocean safe.






>30% Non-ionic Surfactants. Phenoxyethanol. Perfumes. Linalool. Limonene.