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Leak Resistant Lunch Box – Doda


Ideal for taking a waste free ‘on-the-go’ balanced lunch from home, the Doda stainless steel lunch box is a good size for thick cut sandwiches and bread rolls as unlike regular lunch boxes, it has plenty of height. Features include smooth folded edges, levered locking clips at each end for extra pressure during closure, and a handy silicone seal around the lid which makes it more leak resistant than the standard stainless steel containers

Please note that although this container is suitable for wetter foods such as dressed salad or dips it is not designed for liquid foods such as soups and broths. We recommend a screw top food jar for liquid foods. Not for use in microwave. The silicone seal is removable and can be washed separately, then reinserted, flat side down.  A spare seal is also included inside the container.

Made responsibly from high quality 201 food grade stainless steel. Free from plastic, BPA, phthalates and lead.


  • Overall external dimensions approximately 13cm wide x 17cm long x 7cm high.
  • 1050ml total capacity
  • Stainless Steel
  • Great, long lasting alternative to plastic containers
  • Dishwasher safe

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